Maintenance Culture: Prerequisite for Repositioning Nigeria

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August 1, 2018
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August 1, 2018
Maintenance Culture: Prerequisite for Repositioning Nigeria

No doubt, the longetivity of animate and inanimate things requires regular maintenance for sustenance and immense contribution to National Development.

Maintenance culture which encompasses positive efforts, actions and activities aimed at providing adequate care and sustainability of infrastructure remains a prerequisite for repositioning a country.

The level of maintenance culture in Nigeria especially in towns and cities where majority of public properties are located is not encouraging.

Poor maintenance culture has become a widely recognized problem which has affected the quality and life span of public properties.

Years back, Nigeria had a lot of laudable projects that both the citizens and leaders were proud of as they contributed to the welfare of the people as well as the development of the country.

These projects ranged from functional Textile Companies, Industries, Hospitals, Pipe borne water, Refineries, to schools among others projects. Majority of these projects having served their immediate purpose and ended up being abandoned as a result of poor maintenance and management.

Some of these impressive, huge and expensive projects are no longer functional as they have turned into dilapidated buildings, roads characterised with dangerous pot-holes, moribund industries and a host of other properties.

However, lack of maintenance culture has adversely affected sustainable development of Nigerian economy over the years, which should have improved the living standard of citizens and also create jobs for the teeming populace.

Also lack of maintenance culture has resulted to a colossal waste of scarce resources and one of the major problems undermining the development of the country.

However, Poor leadership, lackadaisical attitude of people towards public infrastructure, corruption, and lack of continuity in policy have been identified as major bane of development in the country.

Sadly bad maintenance culture has drawn the nation a thousand steps backward.

Attaining vision 2020 goals would depend on how the existing structure and facilities are constantly maintained.

There is the need for government at all levels to establish independent Maintenance Enforcement Commission that will protect public property.

All tiers of government should embark on regular maintenance of all projects to prolong their life span.

Nigerians and of course the government need to embrace sustainable maintenance culture.

Also, it is imperative to include maintenance culture in school curriculum to inculcate in youths who are the future leaders of the country the act of maintenance.

In addition, the National Orientation Agency, NOA, should educate citizens on the essence and benefits of maintenance culture as well as preserving public property.

A Nation that embraces maintenance culture invariably increases the life span of projects and create more jobs.

Adeyoyin Shomoye


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