Importance of Taking Annual Leave

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Importance of Taking Annual Leave

‘’All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’’ goes a popular saying.

An adage also says a man that works hard deserves time to relax.

To achieve this, organisations, companies, ministries and parastatals give certain period of time to their employees to go off duty.

Annual leave is a paid time off work, in which employees of an organisation are permitted to be away from their employment posts.

Employees are allowed to request their choice of time they wish to be off from work.

The number of days offered for the employee depends on the policies of the employer, while the employee gives an advance notice before embarking on the annual leave.

According to National Employment Standards (NES), all employees other than casual-workers, are entitled to four weeks to be away from work each year.

Annual leave is available for different purposes including planned vacation, occasional time off to take care of personal business, taking time to rest and to attend to some health related issues.

According to medical report, taking Annual Leave can enhance long life, occasioned by less brain exertion that promotes effective functioning of the body system.

Annual leave also keep families together and makes it the time to be more relevant in the family life as neglect of the home front can have negative impact on marriage and in extreme cases lead to total breakdown of marriage while the children become victims of such separation.

Unfortunately, it is discovered that many employees do not take advantage of this great opportunity, because of their attachment to office environment and passion for work.

For some, work is a defining aspect of their lives and removing themselves from what gives them identity creates anxiety.

It is believed in certain quarters that employees who don’t take annual leave may have committed some hidden atrocities which can be detected during their absence.

For others, annual leave that should be a time of rest becomes handy to pursue private economic drives to make ends meet in the face of harsh realities confronting everyday life.

However, given the benefits of vacation to employees and employers, it is pertinent to review annual leave reports to ensure that every worker utilizes the period appropriately.

Organizations need to set out clear guidelines for staff members to submit dates for their holiday in advance.

More importantly, there should be more sensitization programmes on importance of taking Annual Leave, especially the advantage on health and well-being.

Folasade Agbele

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