ISI Hijab Crisis: ISMPF Distributes Hijab

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ISI Hijab Crisis: ISMPF Distributes Hijab

The Hijab crisis rocking The International School, Ibadan, Tuesday morning assumed a new dimension as Muslim parents distribute Hijab to female students of the school.

The Hijab crisis began last Friday following a letter of protest written  by the International School Muslim Parents Forum (ISMPF) stating its resolution on the enforcement of the use of Hijab on Muslim girls in the school.

The letter signed by the Chairman  Abdulrhaman Balogun and Secretary Bilikis Badiru, argued that “Hijab wearing for young Muslim girls, apart from the fact that it is part of their religious belief, is part of their God-given fundamental human right as well as the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

Radio Nigeria correspondent who visited the school observed that classes are still under lock, while parents from the two religions were seen debating on the workability of the new trend while the students were seen loitering around in perplexity.

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It was also gathered that female students were made to declare their support for Hijab by putting down their names and signature on the register, prepared by the sponsors before collecting the white Hijab.

According to the entry, about seventy female students have collected the Hijab.

Some of the students in a chat with Radio Nigeria, expressed worries on the disruption in the academic calendar, noting that their exams comes up in less than two weeks.

They however, urged their parents to revert to the school rules and regulations which guided the appearance of students.

Efforts to get in touch with the school principal was unsuccessful as she was yet to resume for duty.

Meanwhile, a meeting between the parents and the school management is to be held by noon to solve the crisis.

Temidayo Adu

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