News Analysis: Expert Articulates Solution to Herdsmen’s Killing

Àjọ elétò ìdìbò fí àtẹ ìlànà ìdìbò síta.
January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018
News Analysis: Expert Articulates Solution to Herdsmen’s Killing

Chief Jackson Lekan_Ojo

Herdsmen and farmers crisis remain protracted in the country, and in recent times it has assumed a frightening dimension with the recent attacks in Ondo and Benue states.

In Ondo State, suspected cattle rearers killed a woman and destroyed hectares of farmland. Similar havoc was wreaked in Benue State where scores were left dead and a whole community devastated, following deadly assault by armed pastoralists.

On Analysis, a Radio Nigeria Ibadan interview programme, a Security Analyst, Mr. Jackson Lekan-Ojo, in an interactive session with Timothy Bamidele, highlights the trend of the herdsmen/ farmers’ crisis, and proffers solution.

Mr Ojo who observed that herdsmen had in time past lived amicably with their host communities across the country, said criminal-minded elements with no respect for sanctity of human life, had gained dominance among the pastoralists.

He therefore urged the government to expedite action in checking the menace of herdsmen as they constitute security threat.

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