Sports Development in Nigeria

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June 8, 2018
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Sports Development in Nigeria

It is just saying the obvious each time stakeholders in sports describe Nigeria’s sports sector as a viable medium for development and national growth.

The sector has no territorial barrier because it has universal acceptance to almost every class of human society.

Therefore, the prospects in sports development are huge such that it aids social and economic development in the country.

If well developed, it is capable of producing sports men and women that would do the nation proud at international sporting meets, as well as attracting the right investment in the country’s sports sector.

Also, Nigeria has all the necessary impetus to put in place state of the art sports facilities to bring about the promotion of sports tourism, hospitality and transport sectors through playing host to world class competitions.

Another prospect in sports development has to do with the sectors potential to attract sport wears and souvenirs manufacturing industry into the country, generation of sports specialized employment, such as the generation of sports development fund.

However, the potentials embedded in the nation’s sports sector have not been properly tapped over the years due to lack of political-will to put things in proper shape.

Development of Nigeria’s sports sector will enhance the scope of sports betting industry; create sustainable social interaction and stability for national unity.

It will develop and enhance more active and adequate role for professionals in sports and likewise improved the social status of Nigerian athletes and sports- related businesses in the country.

These can be achieved if all stakeholders, especially the professionals start talking and preaching sports.

Also, there must be concerted efforts to elicit active participation in sports by all Nigerians, while academicians and professionals in sports should be allowed to take over the management of the nations sports ministry.

School children, undergraduates and post graduates should be more exposed to both the theoretical and practical aspect of the industry, through upgrading of the curriculum and course contents.

Researches on new trends in sports development and management should be well funded and results implemented to enhance the sector.

Those managing the nation’s sports sector should take a cue from Nigeria’s League Management Board which brought a lot of innovations into the running of Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL.

The body has initiated a lot of ideas including robust financial rewards system for participating clubs, which has in last two seasons brought a lot of improvement to the Nigeria professional football league.

The Federal Government should create enabling and conducive environment for any investor willing to play in the nation’s sports sector.

Lastly, morale booster and incentives for the nations sports men and women should be prioritized to encourage them in doing the nation proud.

Babatunde Tiamiyu

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