Fostering Harmonious Relationship among the Arms of Government

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July 3, 2018
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Fostering Harmonious Relationship among the Arms of Government

The beauty of democracy is its mechanism, which provides for separation of powers, adequate representation and dissent in views, and opinions when necessary.

The executive, legislative and judicial arms of government constitute the mutually exclusive support for the realisation of these democratic features.

Where each arm adequately performs its functions in an atmosphere devoid of acrimony, good governance thrives effectively.

However, it is not out of place for friction to surface in the democratic paradigm.

This could happen when any of the arms of government deviates from democratic tenets that govern its functions.

Such deviation could arise from inter-party wranglings, which could affect governance.

Also, personal interest, activities of power brokers and godfathers could spark discord in a democratic setting.

It is important to stress that bickering among the arms of government is not peculiar to developing countries as it also features in well established democracies, though reasonably and maturely.

Conflict between executive and legislative arms has not been limited to stalling of the passage of bills, non-approval of budget, or impeachment threat saga, but it has equally witnessed fisticuffs in the hallowed chamber.

Ironically, friction, violence and in-fighting also occur at intra-party levels, when parties conduct primaries to determine their flag-bearers.

Time has therefore come for a departure from this kind of politics. Politicians should adopt a patriotic approach to issues, even when party interest is involved.

They should not abuse constitutional provision by manipulating it to stall the mechanism of governance in their conflict with the opposition party in control of the other arms of government.

Also, they should avoid disparaging remarks, slander and violence in tackling perceived political opponents.

In addition, any party in power should not discriminate against the electorate in areas they consider strongholds of rival parties.

Such actions negate the spirit of sportsmanship needed for healthy politics.

The same spirit of sportsmanship should be displayed when political parties conduct their primaries.

Politics should be all about service for the well-being of the populace.

This should ordinarily transcend party affiliation.

Simeon Ugbodovon

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